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Dental Chair Sirona Teneo with Intraoral Camera

A dental chair where you will not only relax! It has a screen for viewing photos. Thanks to the intraoral camera, a patient can actively participate in the treatment process when the dentist explains the problems appearing on the screen. Nothing says "sit back and relax" better than a comfortable dental chair at Victoria Clinic.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Dental Chair Sirona C8 with Intraoral Camera

Victoria Clinic is equipped with modern, highly ergonomic, functional, and aesthetically appealing dental units Sirona C8. Unit is equipped with an intraoral camera thanks of patient is actively involved in the treatment process and the doctor can explain problems shown on the screen.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Cerec Omnicare Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner at Victoria Clinic is an innovative device that allows you to see a virtual image of the oral cavity on the monitor literally in a few dozen seconds. This is a very precise image where we can view structure of anatomical structures of teeth and gums, shape of teeth, scale of cavities or malocclusion. Your comfort will greatly increase as there is no need for the use of traditional impression materials, which in some patients cause gag reflexes. Our device is extremely precise, thanks to which prosthetic restorations are durable and covered by a long-term warranty.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

OPG Pantomogram gendex Orthalix

Thanks to taking a panoramic (pantomographic) image, it is possible to assess the structures of the periodontium and the jaw bones, which is helpful when starting dental treatment. This excellent image allows you to detect even minor irregularities that may be important during the treatment process.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Dental Microscope Carl Zeiss - The Worldwide Leader in Optics

Ideal in preventive dentistry, endodontics, microsurgery, and implant prosthetics. It provides a better view of all areas and surfaces in the oral cavity. In many cases, the procedure can be done in one visit. You save time and the comfort of treatment is definitely increased.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Voluson E8 Expert

It is a top-class clinical stationary ultrasound system for use in: radiology, gynaecology, obstetrics, urology, cardiology, vascular research. We are the only private clinic in the northwest with such modern diagnostic equipment!

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Emsella Chair

This most modern device is designed for strengthening the pelvic muscles. It uses HIFEM technology to help the pelvic floor muscles to restore neuromuscular control. Certified by the Food and Drug Administration as an effective device for the treatment of urinary incontinence, postnatal muscle strengthening or to improve the sexual experience. Recommended for both men and women. It is worth mentioning that this type of therapy is extremely comfortable for patients at Victoria Clinic. All you have to do is take a seat on the above-mentioned chair, relax, and the electromagnetic waves will start working, stimulating your pelvic floor muscles to intense contractions.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

PhotoFinder Videodermatoscope 800HD

At the Clinic our dermatologist uses the videodermatoscop which is an advanced device using for early diagnosis of skin diseases and thus in the prevention of cancer. Thanks, of computer software, it is possible to archive images and follow individual history of each patient.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services


It is designed for local, rapid freezing of pathological changes. A dermatologist and a gynaecologist at Victoria Clinic use this device to treat lesions. The affected tissue is destroyed without cutting the skin, thanks to which the patient is not exposed to ailments characteristic of traditional surgical procedures, and treated area heals very quickly.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

EN1029 Rhino - Laryngoscope

Ideal for difficult airways, this EN 1029 Nasal Laryngoscope is a flexible endoscope that provides the clinician with bright, clear and detailed images as they perform the examination. At Victoria Clinic, it is used for visual examination and treatment of upper respiratory tract structures, including the nasal passages, nasopharynx, oropharynx and larynx.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

NSK Surgical Pro Micromotor for Implant Procedures

When extra care is required during a surgical procedure, the cut precision is ensured by ultrasound techniques. The use of ultrasound during treatments at the Victoria Clinic allows to reduce a heat emission, which allows to reduce exposure to osteonecrosis and potential damage to the surrounding soft tissues.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Computer anaesthesia Wand STA

Anaesthesia WITHOUT pain and the need for a needle puncture. Highly recommended for children, pregnant women and patients who are afraid of pain associated with traditional anaesthesia. By applying the small tip of the device to the gum, you can be sure that we are administering the anaesthetic under the microprocessor control.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

X Smart Dual for Root Canal Treatments

Thanks to this modern device, the time spent on the chair is reduced to a minimum! It provides an optimal ease of treatment and reduces overall root canal preparation time by up to 40% compared to traditional continuous rotation machine tools.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

VDW Gold Reciproc Endomotor for Root Canal treatment

RECIPROC® dental tools allow our dentists to prepare the entire root canal with just one file, using an easy, simple procedure - providing maximum comfort and safety.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

The device Raypex 5 - Specialized Measurement in Root Canal treatment

Thanks to this device, we are able to perform a very accurate measurement of the length of each root canal, without the need to exposing the patient to X-rays.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Sandblaster - Painless Plaque Removal

Effective and painless plaque removal caused by coffee, tea or cigarettes. Reaches hard-to-reach teeth discolorations.

Result- white shiny teeth!

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

VistaScan Digital Radiographic System

The VistaScan imaging plate scanner at Victoria Clinic allows our dentists to make diagnostics of dental images even faster.

Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services
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Modern equipment and implementation of new dental technology is one of the components of an effective and efficient treatment.

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The medical department at Victoria Clinic consists of a team of specialized medical specialists who have gained professional experience both in Poland and in cooperation with the British NHS health service.

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We can offer treatments at the highest level. Thanks to experience and constant improvement of qualifications by an aesthetic medicine specialists.



"Absolutely brilliant, I have anxiety , felt relaxed and well cared for all the time , highly recommend this practice , clean ,professional and great dentistry , highly recommended"

"Went in with my young daughter who's terrified of dentists, she didn't want to leave and she can't wait for the next visit! Lovely clinic and would definitely recommend it to everyone."

"This place is absolutely fantastic, really put me at ease with my treatment as I don't like the dentist, all I can say is this place is definitely the first place to go for all your dental treatment... 👌👍"

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