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Dental surgery is a very extensive field of dentistry.

Assistance from the jaw surgeon may be necessary when a complex procedure is involved: removal of a broken or very damaged tooth, removal of wisdom teeth, hemisection, implant placement, sinus lift or bone augmentation. For your comfort, we suggest that each procedure is carried under local anaesthesia, computer anaesthesia or sedation (so-called sleep).

Dentist with glows making things ready for procedure at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Why is oral surgery performed?

Oral surgery is performed in following cases:

Extensive tooth decay

Badly broken teeth

Gum disease

Impacted teeth

Missing teeth

Bone loss in your jaw

Oral cancer

Benign oral pathology (noncancerous lumps or bumps)

What we offer

At Victoria Clinic, we perform procedures such as:

Surgical consultations

Extraction of baby and permanent teeth

Surgical extraction of retained teeth

Removing wisdom teeth

Apical root resection

Implant placement

Bone reconstruction

Abscess incision

Crown lightening

After extraction

Patients after surgery should strictly follow the instructions of the surgeon

Bite on a sterile gauze pad for 30 minutes after the procedure

Regularly take medications prescribed by your doctor

Cool the mouth by applying compresses, sucking on ice cubes and drinking cold drinks

Take care of oral hygiene

Use a very soft toothbrush for the first week

Use the prescribed antiseptic fluid

Inform the surgeon about all disturbing symptoms

Remember about regular check-ups

Dentist talks to customer at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services
Dentist with glows making things ready for procedure at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Oral Surgery Videos

All procedures in the field of dental surgery are performed under local anaesthesia

Wisdom Teeth

Tooth Lengthening


Sinus Lift



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Modern equipment and implementation of new dental technology is one of the components of an effective and efficient treatment.

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The medical department at Victoria Clinic consists of a team of specialized medical specialists who have gained professional experience both in Poland and in cooperation with the British NHS health service.

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We can offer treatments at the highest level. Thanks to experience and constant improvement of qualifications by an aesthetic medicine specialists.



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"This place is absolutely fantastic, really put me at ease with my treatment as I don't like the dentist, all I can say is this place is definitely the first place to go for all your dental treatment... 👌👍"

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