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A beautiful smile is the basis

Orthodontics is a treatment that not only affects the correct positioning of the teeth and bite, but also aims to improve the aesthetics of the smile. Thanks to the use of various orthodontic systems at Victoria Clinic, we can offer comprehensive and effective orthodontic treatment for children, teens and adults. The success of proper orthodontic treatment is trust and cooperation between the patient and the orthodontist. Putting on an orthodontic appliance is one of the most popular methods of malocclusion treatment. Adults usually wear fixed braces, the wearing of which may be associated with some discomfort, not only aesthetic, but also related to the mechanics of the device's operation.

There are many types

of orthodontic appliances

There are many types of orthodontic appliances that are selected by the dentist depending on the type of malocclusion and the age of the patient. Their basic division consists of removable braces.

Young girl with the braces fitted at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Removable braces

Removable type brace example available at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

As the name suggests, those braces can be removed from the mouth. This type of braces is most often used in children who have milk or mixed teeth. Removable braces are made of acrylic and wire.

Standard fixed braces

Standard Fix type brace example available at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

A standard fixed-type orthodontic appliance consists of metal rings placed on molars and brackets, i.e. metal elements attached to the enamel with a special glue. The so-called arch of the braces, i.e. a metal wire that produces a pressure force that aligns the teeth by moving them relative to each other or rotating around their axis. This arch is held in the brackets by ligatures (flexible, monthly replaced "elastics").

Damon fixed braces

Damon Brace example available at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

The fixed braces of the Damon system are ligature-free brackets with modern arches, with clinically proven high efficiency in quick and easy repositioning of teeth, ensuring a spectacular smile and improving the aesthetics of the face. Damon appliances feature a “passive” sliding arch attachment mechanism to allow for more free arch movement without orthodontic ligatures. This solution reduces the force of friction and holding the bow, thanks to which the teeth are moved faster and more comfortably.

Other devices use rubber ligatures to keep the bow still. This mechanism can create friction and pressure that can slow healing. Damon appliances eliminate the need for flexible ligatures. While traditional brackets are tied with elastic ligatures that apply pressure to gradually displace the teeth, Damon brackets use a sliding mechanism. As mentioned, it moves the teeth faster, easier and more comfortable for the patient.

Beautiful smile

and beautiful facial appearance

The Damon System employs a unique treatment philosophy that goes beyond straight teeth to create broad, beautiful smiles. This approach to treatment considers the expected appearance of patients aged 40, 50 and over.

How is the damond treatment going?

In most traditional braces, the arches are attached to the brackets with flexible ligatures. Eliminating ligatures and therefore friction allows the teeth to move with less force. Because wire have less impact on Damon braces than on traditional braces, wearing the braces is less strenuous.

This means fewer visits to the orthodontist and better visibility of the results between visits. The use of Damon braces allows, on average, to abandon the 8-10 orthodontic visits required when using traditional brackets. This is because the arches do not need to be adjusted as often.

How long does Damon System treatment take?

Treatment with a standard braces includes follow-up visits every 4 weeks, with Damon braces treatment, check-ups are less frequent, approximately every 8-10 weeks.

Shorter treatment time and fewer follow-up visits - A clinically proven treatment that aligns the teeth more gently and positively changes the aesthetics of the face, in most cases without extractions and without devices to tear the palatal suture. With the Damon System, the treatment time is shorter in most cases than with conventional brackets. Shorter treatment time means fewer visits and a beautiful smile…. faster.

Clear Damon braces fitted at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Gone are the days

when orthodontic treatment caused great discomfort

Teeth witht the clear brcaces installed at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Perfect comfort

Those days when orthodontic treatment caused great discomfort are long gone. The Damon System works through a high-tech glide mechanism in which reduced pressure on your teeth shifts them pleasantly into position.

Elderly woman with beautiful smile and red hairs at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

For all ages

Straight teeth and a beautiful smile can raise self-esteem and self-confidence at any age, and at the same time improve oral health immediately.

Teeth witht the clear brcaces installed at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

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Creating beautiful smile for all ages

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