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Professinal Oral Care Improving The Appearance Of Your Teeth

Since 2012, we have been fulfilling our patients' dreams of a healthy and beautiful smile. By choosing treatment at Victoria Clinic, you can count on a comprehensive and individual approach based on patient’s individual needs, work and expected results. The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to improve the aesthetics of the teeth and smile. A beautiful smile is definitely the best step to make a great first impression.


Non-invasive thin prosthetic shells

Dental veneers are non-invasive thin prosthetic shells that are sticked to the teeth. They mask imperfections, allowing to cover fillings, discolorations, elongation, widening and even changing the shape of our teeth. Veneers made of porcelain provide particularly high aesthetic standards and durability, but Victoria Clinic also offers composite veneers.

These can be applied using a method that involves either no or limited filing. In general, using veneers is the least invasive way to correct the colour and shape of teeth.


Veneers for Diastemas

The Crown

Quick & effective teeth aesthetic appearance.

The crown is the visible part of the tooth above the gum. It is a copy of a real tooth crown, only made of a more durable material. The most common indication for a crown is to strengthen the tooth after root canal treatment or in case of extensive damage to the tooth by caries.

Crowns are made of porcelain on a zirconium or metal base.

Dentist explain the ptocedure to the patient at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Crown Videos

Completely Natural Look builds your self-confidence

Crown Options

Posterior Crown

Bonded Crown

Anterior Crown

Teeth Whitening

One of the most frequently used dental cosmetic procedures

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a wonderful, quick and painless way to get beautiful white teeth at any age. At Victoria Clinic, we offer overlay whitening - whitening your teeth at home with the use of whitening gel and special tray.

The process of tray-based whitening begins with the dentist taking impressions of your teeth and then sending them to the dental laboratory, where the trays are made.

The first treatment is performed under the watchful eye of a doctor in the surgery. A small amount of the whitening gel is applied to each space of the tray and the tray prepared in this way is placed over the patient’s teeth arch. The patient wears trays over the night.

The effect of teeth whitening is visible after the first night.

Dentist matching the patient tooth colour using the tooth samples at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services
Patient checking her new teeths in the mirror at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Teeth Whitening Videos

Brighten Up Your Smile Today With our Teeth Whitening Treatment

Tray Whitening

Internal Whitening

Composite Bonding

Quick & effective teeth aesthetic appearance.

Composite Bonding is a non-invasive method that allows to give teeth a nice and aesthetic appearance quickly and effectively.

Bonding is most often used for minor anomalies (to offer a nice appearance to discoloured, deformed or uneven teeth) in patients who do not want to interfere with the enamel, and this would be required, for example, with porcelain veneers.

Compared to veneers, this method is less invasive and much cheaper.

Dentist showing jaw model at Victoria Clinic Dental Medical and Aesthetics Services

Composite Bonding Videos

Tooth coloured full contour reconstructions


Cosmetic Contouring


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Modern equipment and implementation of new dental technology is one of the components of an effective and efficient treatment.

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The medical department at Victoria Clinic consists of a team of specialized medical specialists who have gained professional experience both in Poland and in cooperation with the British NHS health service.

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We can offer treatments at the highest level. Thanks to experience and constant improvement of qualifications by an aesthetic medicine specialists.



"Absolutely brilliant, I have anxiety , felt relaxed and well cared for all the time , highly recommend this practice , clean ,professional and great dentistry , highly recommended"

"Went in with my young daughter who's terrified of dentists, she didn't want to leave and she can't wait for the next visit! Lovely clinic and would definitely recommend it to everyone."

"This place is absolutely fantastic, really put me at ease with my treatment as I don't like the dentist, all I can say is this place is definitely the first place to go for all your dental treatment... 👌👍"

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